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Real-Life ‘Batman: Arkham City’ Costume is Truly Best Cosplay Ever [UPDATED]

As many players of Batman: Arkham City agree, the video game’s version of Batman’s costume is the best “realistic” imagining of the iconic superhero outfit ever committed to… well, if not to film, then to heavily photorealistic computer imagery. A slick synthesis of the classic blue-grey-yellow look of the Batman comics and the textured amor style of Batman Begins, the Arkham City costume is one of those perfect ideas that just seems too good to actually work in a live-action film. Or is it?

A group of artists decided the game costume had to be freed from its digital confines, so they put their heads together and achieved the unthinkable, a real-life Arkham City costume that’s unquestionably the greatest Batman costume ever made.

“All of us agreed that this was the best movie suit never done as well as the entire game being the film we all wanted to see,” wrote Lisa Alvarez aka Batprisss on The Effects Lab, a message board for special effects sculptors, makeup artists, mask makers and designers. Alvarez and her team are veteran special effects industry professionals who decided to form their own company, XworkZ studios, after many years of working for other outfits.

ComicsAlliance spoke with Alvarez, one of the lead designers on the project, who had this to say about her astonishing work:

This was a labour of love that came from years of reading comics and wishing that the character we loved as fans would show up on the screen. It took the incredible game design of Rocksteady studios to finally kick start the project and what you see is our prototype. We used all of our teams experience working on similar designs for major motion pictures, to come up with what we see as a starting point for the direction we think most fans would love to see the franchise go. We feel we have at least started to shed some light on the reality that the character as we know it, can be done true to the books, and doesn’t always need to be dressed in black to succeed with the audience.

Read more at ComicsAlliance.

Th-…that’s a legit costume?

I want one!!!

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Arkham City Catwoman BTAS skin in action


Here’s a look a Catwoman’s Batman: The Animated Series skin.

and here it is in action:

How do I download this costume?!!!!

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Concept art for Nightwing in Arkham City


I told you that Nightwing was in Arkham City the other night. And now here’s some art Posted in Kwame. Oh, Mr. Grayson!

Such a pretty Dick.

Nightwing! Yaaaaay!

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Batman: Arkham City - Joker trailer

Batman Arkham City - Mr Freeze trailer


Catwoman and Batman Gameplay - Batman: Arkham City (by BatmanArkhamCity)